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Proposition A - BOND

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Prop A - Bond

Until election day, Pasadena ISD will be producing a series of articles and materials to provide our community and stakeholders with a detailed look at both Propositions A & B. Additionally, parent, civic, and community presentations will be held to provide further information regarding these two Propositions. Our goal is to inform our Pasadena ISD community on the facts that have led the Board of Trustees and Administration to call for these two election items. Check back regularly to our website and social media channels for more information

  • A school district borrows money in the form of bonds to finance such items as new schools, renovation and addition projects, buses and technology. School districts bonds like home mortgages are repaid over time; however, for a school district to sell bonds, it must ask voters for approval through an election. Once voters give approval to the school district through a bond election, bond funds can only be used for the projects described. By law, money from the sale of bonds cannot be used to fund daily operating expenses such as salaries.

  • Proposition A addresses unfunded projects from the 2014 Bond and renovation needs  Pasadena ISD is proposing a school bond election. The bond package is the recommendation of the Future Facilities Committee comprised of community members and parents who have studied district needs.

    The 2017 bond package completes the projects that were eliminated from the previous bond (including Intermediate 11, Technology upgrades, Band and Orchestra Instruments, Maintenance/Warehouse Facility, and Safety Upgrades) and includes one elementary replacement campus, replacing and expanding bus fleet, and facility management.

    Total Bond = $135 Million.

  • The bond will be absorbed into the district’s current debt but it will not increase taxes for anyone. In addition, if your taxes are currently frozen due to an Over 65 or Disabled Persons exemption, then your taxes will not be affected by a tax rate increase.

    New Riverstone Ranch Intermediate School Provides enrollment relief to Thompson, Bondy & Beverly Hills  $45 Million
    Red Bluff Elementary to be replaced on site Replace Red Bluff Elementary that was built in 1954  $24.8 Million
    Transportation Facility and Site Work New Transportation Building & Site Work   $20 Million
    Combined Maintenance - Operations - Warehouse Facility Combined Facility for Maintenance, Operations & Warehouse  $18 Million
    Facility - Safety Upgrades HVAC, Roofs, Electrical, Parking Lots & Safety Upgrades  $11.4 Million
    Technology Continuation of the 1 to 1 initiative, the Refresh Program, Infrastructure & Connect Program  $10 Million
    Fine Arts Instruments New & Replacement Instruments for Band & Orchestra $1
    New Buses  Replace Old Buses & Expand Fleet $3.2 Million 
    Facility Management Facilities Management Team will assist in the construction of the bond projects  $1.6 Million
       TOTAL = $135 Million
  • For the last 14 consecutive years, Pasadena ISD has received a “Superior” rating in the School Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST). This program is designed to encourage public schools to better manage their financial resources in order to provide the maximum allocation possible for direct instructional purposes.

    Further, Pasadena ISD has not had to raise taxes since 2005-2006 School Year. Even with two bond issues in 2011 and 2014, the District has been able to manage the budget, maintain a healthy fund balance and build schools during a recession and after.

    Insurance Prices began to skyrocket during the recession, the Board of Trustees developed a plan to open wellness centers within the district saving the district, the taxpayer and PISD employees millions of dollars a year in insurance premiums.

    The District has also:

    • Sold excess property
    • Refunded existing bond debt to save money
    • Renegotiated purchasing contracts
    • Maximized federal revenue in SHARS
    • Renegotiate Electricity Rates
    • Evaluated contracting-out Maintenance, Food Service and Transportation

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