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Proposition B - TRE

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Proposition B - Tre Graphic

Until election day, Pasadena ISD will be producing a series of articles and materials to provide our community and stakeholders with a detailed look at both Propositions A & B. Additionally, parent, civic, and community presentations will be held to provide further information regarding these two Propositions. Our goal is to inform our Pasadena ISD community on the facts that have led the Board of Trustees and Administration to call for these two election items. Check back regularly to our website and social media channels for more information.

  • ​A TRE is a special election called by the Board of Trustees asking voters to approve a tax rate that is above the current $1.07 (M&O) Maintenance and Operations tax rate. The school board has the authority to levy an M&O tax rate up to $1.07 but any increase above that amount requires voter approval. 

    On August 9, 2017 the Board of Trustees adopted an M&O tax rate of $1.20,
    an increase of 13 cents.

  • The District’s tax rate is composed of two parts:

    Maintenance and Operations (M&O) tax rate 
    and the 
    Interest and Sinking (I&S)
     tax rate.

    The M&O fund pays for day to day district operations such as payroll, utilities, and maintenance of schools and facilities. 

    By law, the I&S rate can only be used to make payments on district bonds much like the principal and interest on a home mortgage.

  • On August 9, 2017 the Board of Trustees adopted an M&O tax rate of
    $1.20, an increase of 13 cents.

    Proposed Increase would be
    M&O $1.07(current) + $0.13 (proposed)  = $1.20 + I&S $0.28 = $1.48

  • NO, If your taxes are currently frozen due to an Over 65 or Disabled Persons exemption, then your taxes will not be affected by a tax rate increase.

  • 1. Remain competitive with surrounding districts in recruiting/retaining teachers and staff. 

    Starting Teacher Salaries for 2017-18
     Galena Park ISD  $54,000
     Deer Park ISD  $53,200
     Pearland ISD  $53,000
     Clear Creek ISD  $52,550
     Houston ISD  $52,530
     Pasadena ISD  $51,779


    2016 Tax Rate Comparison to Other School Districts
     Crosby ISD  $1.670000 
     Galena Park ISD  $1.563300
     Deer Park ISD  $1.556700
     Dickinson ISD  $1.540000
     Humble ISD  $1.520000
     Katy ISD  $1.516600
     Texas City ISD  $1.440500
     Cypress-Fairbanks ISD  $1.440000
     Goose Creek ISD  $1.431890
     Klein ISD  $1.430000
     La Porte ISD  $1.420000
     Pearland ISD  $1.415600
     Santa Fe ISD  $1.402300
     Clear Creek ISD  $1.400000
     Spring Branch ISD  $1.394500
     Friendswood ISD  $1.387000
     Pasadena ISD  $1.350000
     Houston ISD  $1.206700

    2. Continue Innovative Instructional Programs

    Innovative Instructional Programs. Click program to learn more
    The Connect Program
    Early College High Schools
    >Lewis Career and Technical High School
    Full-Day PreKindergarten
    Dual Language

    3. Maximize State Funding
    The TRE gives the district an opportunity to maximize funding potential, as the 13 cent increase will generate approximately 16 million dollars from local property taxes in which the state will match those funds with an additional 20.7 million dollars, totaling 36.7 million dollars for M&O.

    Tax Collections and State Funding

    4. Increasing Enrollment

    5. Increased costs for Utilities

    Utilities Graphic

  • School funding comes from two main sources:
     Local Property Taxes and State Funds

    Sources of School Funding

  • For the last 14 consecutive years, Pasadena ISD has received a “Superior” rating in the School Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST). This program is designed to encourage public schools to better manage their financial resources in order to provide the maximum allocation possible for direct instructional purposes.

    Further, Pasadena ISD has not had to raise taxes since 2005-2006 School Year. Even with two bond issues in 2011 and 2014, the District has been able to manage the budget, maintain a healthy fund balance and build schools during a recession and after.

    Insurance Prices began to skyrocket during the recession, the Board of Trustees developed a plan to open wellness centers within the district saving the district, the taxpayer and PISD employees millions of dollars a year in insurance premiums.

    The District has also:

    • Sold excess property
    • Refunded existing bond debt to save money
    • Renegotiated purchasing contracts
    • Maximized federal revenue in SHARS
    • Renegotiate Electricity Rates
    • Evaluated contracting-out Maintenance, Food Service and Transportation

    No, many districts across the state have held a TRE to meet the needs of students and community.  

    The following districts in our area have passed a TRE.

    • Alief
    • Anahuac
    • Barbers Hill
    • Crosby
    • Damon
    • Danbury
    • Deer Park
    • East Chambers
    • Friendswood
    • Galena Park
    • Galveston
    • Goose Creek
    • Hempstead
    • Hull-Daisetta
    • Humble
    • Liberty
    • Needville
    • Sheldon
    • Spring Hill