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Bond Projects

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What are the major elements of School Bond 2011?

  1. Four new schools--3 new middle schools, and a Career/Technical High School --$101.80 million
    • Three new middle schools will be built to complete the Middle School Concept started in the 2004 Bond Program and to reduce crowding. Two of these middle schools will serve the Park View and Queens Intermediate feeder schools with the third school built in the Melillo and Lomax areas to reduce overcrowding and provide for future growth. The Middle School Concept that was begun in the 2004 bond program has relieved crowding significantly at the intermediate and elementary campuses that were impacted. In addition, academic performance and student socialization have improved notably.
    • A Career/Technical High School will provide relief for overcrowding at all five Pasadena ISD high schools while giving students the opportunity to pursue pathways in numerous careers in the fields of Health Science; Business and Public Service; Agriculture; Technology, Engineering and Energy; Construction and Manufacturing; and Transportation and Shipping.
  2. Five replacement campuses—$80.3 million
    • The bond would provide replacement campuses for South Houston Elementary (1935), Gardens Elementary (1944) and South Shaver Elementary (1949), Keller Middle School (1959) and Queens Intermediate (1962). At South Houston Elementary, South Shaver Elementary and Keller Middle School newer portions of the campuses will be incorporated into the new designs or repurposed for use. 
  3. Renovations and additions to campuses and athletic facilities--$49.0 million
    • The bond would address top priority renovation items on 50 campuses and district facilities and an addition to Tegeler Career Center for programmatic needs. Renovation items will include exterior lighting and new door systems to provide additional security on many campuses. Air quality will also be addressed on campuses. Replacements and repairs to heating, ventilations and air conditioning systems and roofs will also be supplied with the bond funds.
    • Renovations will be made to Veteran’s Stadium, the Auxiliary Stadium and Phillips Fieldhouse and parking lot for safety and usage reasons. In addition, an indoor/outdoor competitive swimming pool will be added to the complex to replace the aging pool at Beverly Hills Intermediate and the Southmore pool (razed in the last bond project due to age). These changes will increase the equity between campuses and provide facilities for the thousands of students who participate in physical education and athletics at these campuses and on the district level.
  4. Technology--$30.0 million
    • Through the bond Pasadena ISD can equip classrooms to meet the 21st Century Classroom Standard as set by industry standards with such items as interactive whiteboards, teacher/student laptops and document cameras. In addition, bond funds will be used to make campus libraries the center of the school for research with instructional tools appropriate for 21st Century Libraries. The district’s infrastructure will be updated to support student and teacher use of technology and parent access to student information. (The Pasadena ISD Technology Strategic Plan is available online)
  5. Transportation--$2.0 million
    • Bond funds will provide replacement buses for aging vehicles for safe student transportation. Pasadena ISD replaces buses only when the cost to repair exceeds the cost to replace or safety becomes an issue.
  6. Future Sites and Project Management—$7.0 million
    • If the bond passes, Pasadena ISD will purchase land for facilities. The District will also use an in-house project management team to facilitate construction at a reduced cost.

Proposed Projects Cost Summary

New Schools


Replacement Campuses


Renovtions and Additions to Campuses and District Facilities






Future Sites and Project Management


Total Amount