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Welcome, Alumni!

It’s not goodbye when students graduate from Pasadena ISD. Once they start here, they continue to be a lifelong member of their alma mater and school district. Many graduates continue to make this city their home, raising families and contributing to the preservation of the school district and its community. The legacy you have left behind serves as inspiration for this generation and beyond. No matter what school you attended, you are forever part of the fabric that is Pasadena ISD.

We have recently been reimagining our approach to showcasing what it means to be a Pasadena ISD graduate. That being said, we are in the process of creating a more engaging online central location where alumni can reconnect and stay in touch with their high schools and Pasadena ISD, while also putting alumni front and center. This is our new alumni website. Explore it and be part of the PISD alumni experience. #PISDAlumni #PISDGrads