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Portrait of a Graduate

Portrait of a Graduate

A diagram showing the different qualities of a good student.


The Portrait serves as a guiding framework to align curriculum, instruction, assessment, and other initiatives to ensure students are receiving an education that will prepare them for college, career, and life after graduation.



Self-Directed Learner

Sets and prioritizes achievable goals, reflects and makes adjustments based on learned experiences. Demonstrates perseverance in the face of academic and real world challenges. Demonstrates resilience by applying a growth mindset and learning from mistakes.


Innovative Thinker

Demonstrates critical thinking skills such as organization, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and flexibility. Employs higher-order thinking and sound reasoning in decision making. Uses curiosity and imagination to inspire new ideas or build upon existing ones.


Engaged Collaborator

Values multiple perspectives while learning with and from others. Contributes actively to a group in order to achieve a common goal. Leverages the knowledge, resources and skills of others to effectively impact positive outcomes.


Global Citizen

Values cultural diversity, heritage and the benefit of understanding and communicating with multiple languages. Demonstrates self-discipline, honesty, respect, and integrity in the digital and physical world. Recognizes rights, responsibilities and opportunities for living, learning and working in an interconnected world.


Effective Communicator

Communicates clearly and skillfully using a variety of methods. Adapts to diverse audiences in different settings by listening sensitively and responding respectfully. Encourages others by offering timely, effective feedback while seeking out and applying feedback with purpose.