Pasadena ISD
Emergency School Closings Information

When severe weather conditions or other factors pose a threat to safety of students or the normal operation of school, the Superintendent shall evaluate the hazard and, prior to 5:30 a.m., determine which plan will be followed. 

Plan A:  No school in session.  All 12-month employees report to work unless conditions in the employee’s immediate vicinity or route to work would prohibit attendance. 

Plan B:  No school in session.  No employees shall report to work unless specifically designated by the employee’s supervisor. 

Plan C:  Abbreviated Day.  Buses will run and school will start two hours later than posted times.  All employees scheduled to report during the morning will report to work two hours late.  All others are expected to report at normal time. 

Unless otherwise specified in the announcement, the district will operate under Plan A.  Every effort will be made to announce school closings on the major television and radio stations as early as possible. 

In addition, for information on emergency school closings, call the Administration Message Center at 713-740-0285.