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Manners in the Workplace

Office Manners

One of the keys to etiquette is is paying enough attention to others to be able to modify your behavior to accommodate them.

Keep the following tips in mind for surviving life in a workplace environment:

1. Dress in a manner consistent with company culture and make sure your clothes are always clean.

2. Stand up straight and sit with legs together to avoid displays.

3. Treat a cubicle as if it has a door and a ceiling. Speak calmly and with an even cadence, in person and on the telephone. Personal telephone conversations should be kept to a minimum if you inhabit a cubicle. No one wants to hear your arguments with your spouse.

Confidential business conversations should also be kept to a minimum if you're in a cubicle for similar reasons. You don't want to prematurely spill the beans on some important deal.

4. Face forward in the elevator. If you're getting off near the top of the building, move to the rear of the elevator. If you're getting off on a lower floor, stand close to the front.

5. Say "Hello" or "Good Morning" to those you encounter in the morning and "Goodnight" to those u encounter as you leave.

6. Shower or bathe every day.

7. Brush your teeth every morning after breakfast.

8. Avoid aggressive behavior such as leaning into people, pointing at others, interrupting others, and crowding others.

9. Avoid heavy perfume or cologne and bringing odorous food into the office.

10. Avoid snorting, spitting, or picking at any part of yourself.

If you are the boss...

...the best way to earn respect is to treat others with respect. The things you say and do have consequences for others. Do your best and make these consequences positive:

Ask others to do things rather than tell them.

Be clear.

Be polite.

Learn people's names and use them.

Recognize that everyone has a life outside of work.

Don't pry, but be accommodating.

Maintaining Good Relations With Your Superiors

Take the following tips as your first lesson in cultivating good relations with your superiors:

Do your job.

Treat your boss with respect and understanding

Call your boss by his/her last name unless you are asked to do otherwise.

Dress in a style similar to your boss

Don't assume that your boss is your friend. Don't venture into your boss's private life unless invited.

Don't confuse business entertaining with social events

Carol Hemle talks about Etiquette and on the job performance.
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