Websites for 3rd - 4th Grade Students

Read, Write, Think Fun Brain Seashell Rounding Forces In Motion ASPCA Animaland
Weekly Reader Math Games Estimation Contraption Magnets Time for Kids
Reading Links Academic Skill Builder Adding Fractions Light and Dark National Wildlife Federation
Mrs. Renz's
Language Arts Links
Addition w/Regrouping Fractions/Decimals/% Rock Stars The Alamo Activities
Mrs. Renz's Reading Activities Math Fact Cafe Fractions -
Cross the River
Simple Science
Magic School Bus
TAKS Study Guide On-Line Math Fractions + - Weather Games  
  Math Baseball Fraction Frenzy Water Cycle  
  Math Mayhem Visual Fractions Water Cycle  
WRITING/TYPING SpaceyMath Fraction Pizza Shop Solids, Liquids, Gases  
Shape Poem Cyber Challenge Function Creatures Radiation, Convection, Conduction MIXED SUBJECTS
Dance Mat Typing MrNussbaum's Math Games Function Machine Changes In Matter I Know That!
Typing Practice Area & Perimeter Geo Matho Cool Science for
Curious Kids
More BBC Fun
Mr. Kent's Typing Cool Math for Kids Hidden Picture Geo Bill Nye the Science Guy Fun School
Rhyming Words Dictionary Math Magician Super Spirograph Science Powerpoints Suzy Red
Poetry for Kids Addition Timed Test Mrs. Renz's Math Links Globio Game Classroom
Shape Poems Elapsed Time Quiz Skillwise    
Instant Poetry Forms Round Off Space Invaders    
Write Source (prompts) Place Value Multiflyer    
  How Much is a Million Dositey    
  Math Golf TAKS Study Guide    
  Math Dictionary Comparing & Ordering
l3.1B (low se #1 - 3rd)
  Volume (IXL)
4.11C (low se #1 - 4th)
Interactive Geoboards    
  Interactive Tangrams Power Line - Awesome number sense activity