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Thank you for your interest in Partners in Pasadena

Pasadena ISD has a rich history of generous community members and patrons...those who contribute time, talents, resources and money to enhance the education of our students.  Through Partners in Pasadena, our community has a variety of opportunities to make a difference in the lives of students.

Each campus has its own flavor of volunteerism and support.  Whatever the program’s location, maturity or involvement level, Partners in Pasadena serves as an umbrella for those who need assistance in finding ways to get involved with what is the most exciting and valuable resource in our community – KIDS!


Here are just some areas where you can make a difference:

HOSTS MENTORS – tutor elementary students who need help with reading and math.

BUSINESS /COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS – get involved by supporting the Pasadena Schools through donations, resources, or volunteering.

GEAR UP MENTORS – will have the opportunity of working with students in relation to careers and future education goals.

CAMPUS VOLUNTEERS – are needed in areas such as the library, clinic and/or classroom.

EDUCATION FOUNDATION SUPPORTERS – donate time, resources and money to the foundation for teacher mini-grants.

SPEAKER'S BUREAU – members share life experiences in the classroom or for school wide Career Day. These are ways that you can get involved as a speaker for Pasadena ISD.

PEN PALS PROGRAM – Partners are assigned an elementary-school student to correspond with through monthly letters.

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT VOLUNTEERS – share their work experiences and help students get better prepared for the future.
VOLUNTEER GUIDELINES – Guidelines for volunteering