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Note:  All forms are available in PDF format for printing and in an online format for filling out online and emailing or printing filled out. This form links to only online files.
  • Notice of Intervention Assistance Team Intervention Plan IAT-01 (goes on green paper in the cumulative folder
  • Documentation of Student Data and Classroom Interventions IAT-03 Phase I, IIA, IIB, IIC and III
  • Phase IIA Documentation of Interventions IAT-04 Phase IIA
  • Phase IIB Documentation of Interventions IAT-05 Phase IIB
  • Student Health History Provided by School Nurse IAT-06 ( 2 pages)
    • I and II are filled out prior to the Phase I Informal Assistance Team Meeting and section III and IV are filled out before a referral is considered in Phase III
    • Phase IIC Documentation of Interventions IAT-07
    • Phase III Documentation of Classroom Observations IAT-08 Phase III (2 pages)
    • Intervention Support Personnel Report Form IAT-09 Phase I, II, III
    • Intervention Students Progress Report IAT-10-E
    • Intervention Students Progress Report IAT-10-S
    • Data for Formal Intervention Assistance Team IAT-11
    • Parent Notice of Intervention Assistance Team Intervention Plan IAT-12 Phase IIA, IIB, IIC (use your campus stationery)
    • Intervention Consultation Request Form IAT-13 REQUIRED
    • List of Forms required for exceptions
    • Sample Intervention Process Tracking Chart